7 Ways To Make The Most Of Every Day

How to make the most of every day? If only it was as simple as taking a multivitamin! The truth is, making the most of every day is completely subjective to each individual. However, I do have some thoughts, or tips & tricks on how you can get the maximum out of your day.

The following ideas are things I do every week to enjoy the week and make the most of my time (even while building hakamount) - hopefully you can try a few that suits your lifestyle and can help you make the most of every day.

#1 Put Yourself First

I’m putting this tip first and you should be putting yourself first. I think it's very easy to get caught up in the idea that you are there to ensure other people are having a good time - I mean who doesn’t give themselves the worst plate when they host a dinner party? We all do! But the reality is, you should do things you want to! And P.S. if you’ve slaved away for 3 hours to cook an awesome meal give yourself the best plate!

Similarly, if you’ve made plans with a friend and you’re doing something you don’t really want to do then say so. Your friend won’t want you to be there if you’re not having a good time so it’s in both interests to do something you’re both excited to do.

This tip needs to be subjective for each individual, stray too far and you become selfish, don’t stray enough and you become unhappy - find a balance that works for you.

#2 - Drop The Headphones

Who’s guilty of putting their headphones in whenever they pop to the shops? Or blasting the radio as they run an errand in the car? 

Our brain needs time to switch off. Between your phone, tv, laptop and music it’s pretty much engaged from waking up until going to bed. As a generation we have become obsessed with constantly being ‘tuned in’ - our feeds refresh instantly and provide new photos, tweets and statuses for us to think about. When are you thinking about your own thoughts, beliefs and goals?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a massive fan of music but there’s a time and place. A new album drops, great I want to see what the fuss is about. But a 4 minute walk to the shops… what am I gaining? I’d rather use those few minutes in a day to reflect on myself - where i’ve been and where i’m going.

#3 - Wake Up Early

A tough one for those who struggle to get out of bed in the mornings, but it’s hard to match the fulfilment when you’ve got outside for a sunrise or gone on a walk as the frost is melting from the grass. It’s an endorphin booster and guess what, you still have the entire day ahead of you to spend time on your other hobbies and passions.

If you’re someone who's a serial 10am weekend riser then let’s meet in the middle. Saturday or Sunday, wake up at 8am, open the curtains and soak it in. You don’t always have to go outside to enjoy it either. Grab a cup of tea, switch on your favourite series and enjoy your start to the weekend. You’re then starting the rest of the day at 9 or 10 am rather than lunch time - so much more time for activities.

This tip needs to be subjective for each individual, stray too far and you become selfish, don’t stray enough and you become unhappy - find a balance that works for you.

#4 - Say Yes More Often

I didn’t put this tip here so you say yes to rising early it’s just a coincidence (it’s not). I used to be extremely stubborn (now i’m just stubborn). Cook spaghetti bolognese a different way than I always do it? No chance. Start a new series on netflix? I’d prefer to watch reruns of The Office. Buy a pair of trainers that aren’t black? Madness.

The reality is - you don’t know, until you know. How do you know if you’re going to enjoy something until you’ve given it a chance. There’s a million different hobbies out there you haven’t tried yet, say yes the next time you get a new offer to do something and see what happens.

#5 - Try Taking a Bath

As a bath connoisseur (from 7 until 18 my house didn’t have a shower), baths are a great way to reinvest in yourself. Not only is it relaxing and time for you to chill out, it also takes you off your phone and ‘drops the headphones’ - time to think about yesterday, today or tomorrow.

I live in a house with 2 of my best friends, 3 guys in their mid 20s and we go through more candles and baths than hot dinners. If you’re not an avid bather, grab yourself a scented candle, turn off the lights and fill the tub, you won’t regret it.

#6 - Socialise Without Alcohol

I’ve got no hate on alcohol, I love a beer with mates as much as the next person but we have a culture that associates alcohol to every social situation. If you’re meeting up with a friend, do you NEED those 2 glasses of wine with dinner? Ultimately you’re there to see your friend and have a good time.

It’s also a great way to save on the spending, if weather permits then go for a walk with your friend - wholesome and cost effective. You’re also not left in that phase where you get home, not sober, not drunk, not sure what to do.

Also, less alcohol means less workouts impacted by the dreaded hangover! If improving your athletic performance is a goal of yours, checkout our blog on it here!

#7 - Spend Time Doing Things You Enjoy

I think it’s very easy to get lost in routine. It’s Sunday afternoon, probably not enough time to organise something with friends, I guess i’ll watch some TV and wait for work to start tomorrow…if watching tv and having some snacks is your guilty pleasure then happy days but so many people do it out of boredom and are essentially wasting their day away. A good way of stopping this happening is to have a hobby in the house, meaning if you’re musical then do you have your guitar in the house with you?

I know a lot of us have moved out of our family home as we started our professional lives but with that a lot of memories and hobbies were left behind. Instruments, paint sets, drawing books, normal books, tennis rackets, swimming costumes, bikes - the list is endless. Bring it with you. The next time you find yourself in that Sunday afternoon lull, you’ll have your trunks with you and could go for a swim, I bet you don’t regret it when you get back.

Those were some of the things I do on a regular basis to try and make the most of my day. Hopefully there was something of value that you could use to make the most of yours.