5 Reasons Why Our Daily Multivitamin Is The Best For Your Goals

Firstly, are daily multivitamins good for you?

Did you know that over 80% of adults take some form of supplement? With 51% of adults taking a multivitamin!
Yet there’s still a lot of people asking the ‘do multivitamins work’ question. Before we dive into our Daily Driver multivitamin - let’s first clear up the benefits of taking a multivitamin.
The purpose of a daily multivitamin is to provide vitamins that you may be deficient in, or, need more of to fuel your performance. Those who eat restricted diets (i.e. vegetarians) may need certain vitamin supplements due to the foods in their diet not containing them. Those who exercise will want more vitamins than the recommended daily allowance, as they are spending more energy each day, and need more fuel.
I know we harp on about it a lot, but the government's recommended daily allowances are judged from the general population. Our population lives a sedentary lifestyle and these daily allowances reflect that. They do not consider those who exercise a lot, or lead an active lifestyle! So even if you’re not an elite athlete, you probably still need more vitamins than you’d expect.
But what makes our daily multivitamin any better than the rest? Let’s take a look...
do multivitamins work?

#1 - We specialise in 1 product

The supplement industry is dominated by a few big players. And these players offer 100s of products to a huge market, they don’t specialise in any product.
Whilst that makes them very convenient as you can shop for most of your supplements in one place, it does make you think about the quality. It’s nearly impossible to be an expert in 100 different supplements - how do we know the formulas they are using are backed by robust research?
That’s where hakamount comes into its own - we specialise in 1 product, our multivitamin. Our time and efforts are spent researching vitamins that would support our audience’s goals.
When you shop with us, you can be assured that we’ve done our homework and only put ingredients in our product that benefit you.

#2 - Our daily multivitamin caters for a specific audience 

When looking at larger companies, they cater for 5 or 10 different audiences with different goals. So how do you know that when you’re buying a product from them, that they’ve had your goal in mind?
At hakamount you know that we design our products for people who want support fueling their pursuit of peak athletic performance. We know that exercise puts certain stresses on the body and that’s why we provide a product to stop you from feeling run down, but then to increase your athletic performance levels.
Yes we’re smaller in size than some of the industry’s main players, but you can be confident we are trying to solve your problems and no one else's.
The benefits of a daily multivitamin

#3 - We do not use artificial ingredients in our multivitamin 

Okay this is one of the big benefits of our multivitamin. We never use artificial ingredients. If you’d like a detailed breakdown of why artificial ingredients are bad, you can check out our full blog on it.
Essentially, artificial ingredients are used for 4 reasons: 
  • Improve the products appearance
  • Increase the shelf-life of the product
  • To aid manufacturing of the product
  • To alter the taste of the product
For us, none of those reasons aid athletic performance. And in some cases, can be a detriment - especially to those prone to stomach and digestive issues. Big companies use artificials because a nice coloured product appeals to a mass market audience. Or even more selfishly, it might reduce manufacturing costs.
On the whole, artificials are exactly that - artificial benefits. We could lower our costs by using artificial ingredients but we don’t because that compromises the quality and integrity of our product - that's something we will not do. Your benefit is our priority, not profits or fancy colours.

#4 - Our multivitamin is more cost effective

We touched on it a little in the previous point, but cost is something we are super competitive on.
Now I know most people can buy a multivitamin from their high st for £2 but we are not competitors with these products. Being frank, they are super low quality, use all sorts of artificial ingredients and often don’t provide any benefit to the end user.
We believe that our multivitamin rivals some of the premier brands in the industry, some of these brands charge £50-75 per month! Our product costs £13.99 and you get two months supply, it equates to 23p per day!
When looking at some of the more premium brands, a lot use artificial ingredients which as we mentioned, doesn’t help the end user. But not only that, a lot of these brands have huge vitamin panels which may seem impressive at first glance, but may be detrimental in the long run.
When we designed the Daily Driver, we researched a ton of studies. We did this to understand which vitamins worked or didn't work. During this time, we ‘descoped’ about 20 vitamins because the research was lacking. However, time and time again, we see these vitamins in other supplements.
This adds manufacturing cost, as the product has more ingredients, so it costs the supplement company more to make it. But this cost is then passed on to the consumer, aka you.
That’s one of the reasons we can be so price competitive - we only use the essential vitamins so we’re never passing on unnecessary costs.

#5 - We value quality over quantity

As we mentioned, when it comes to multivitamins, companies are notorious for putting as many vitamins into their capsules as possible. This makes the label look huge and to the average consumer, they think they’re getting a great deal.
These vitamins are often lacking scientific research or are consumed through your daily diet. If your daily multivitamin has 40 different vitamins, you’re probably getting half of them in your daily diet already. If these are water-soluble vitamins then you’ll be peeing them straight out! Or even worse, if they’re fat-soluble vitamins they could negatively impact your body's toxicity levels. This could lead to fatigue, dizziness and more severe symptoms.
As I've gotten older, it’s clear that in general, life favours quality over quantity. And it’s no different with multivitamins - the key is high quality, well researched and proven vitamins. The people who don’t see benefits from their multivitamin are the same people buying cheap, low quality multivitamins - it’s no wonder they don’t feel the difference.
Benefits of a daily multivitamin
Our Daily Driver provides 10 core vitamins to support your immune system, energy levels and muscle performance.
We value quality over quantity, and we are not prepared to compromise.
With a quality daily multivitamin, you won’t be asking ‘do multivitamins work’ anymore.
That’s all from us today - if you want to try our multivitamin you can do so by clicking here.