What is a fitness community and how can I find one for me?

People who take our multivitamin product tend to be interested in their health and fitness, but a question we often get is 'How do you find a fitness community?'

This blog serves to inform you about the various different examples of fitness available and the communities that come with it (that’s kind of the best part!).

Group exercise


So, let’s start with one of the most popular forms of fitness at the moment, CrossFit. 

CrossFit is a form of exercise that utilises a lot of functional movements combined with high intensity. Think Pull ups, Snatches, Burpees etc. It aims to marry strength and functionality with cardio.

CrossFit has taken off over the past few years and they even host the CrossFit games every year. An event where the strongest and most athletic individuals come together!

Aside from the fitness, CrossFit is synonymous with it’s community. A great example of this in London especially is WIT Fitness. Not only are they an online retailer for all fitness gear but they have a gym right in London. If you're interested in seeing what a great CrossFit community looks like, give them a follow @wit.fitness.



This one is close to my heart having competed in multiple powerlifting competitions. It’s a sport in which you really test your mental and physical resilience. Unlike CrossFit, Powerlifting aims to test your maximum strength for 1 rep (typically in the Squat, Bench and Deadlift).

For the nerdy folk among us, Powerlifting can get technical with your lifting programmes (I love the planning side of things as it gives me something to aim for). It’s also technical in the technique aspect (funny that!). If you miss groove your bench press it’s extremely hard to recover when you’ve got your 1 rep max on the bar! It’s not just a sport for meatheads and cavemen!

If you’re tempted to try but don’t want to enter a competition where everyone is a pro, check out @built_differently on instagram. They offer beginner only competitions so you can get involved without feeling out of place.



Okay, we all know what running is, but many of us neglect the running community. Park Runs are a great way to get out there. Park Runs are typically 5k or 10k races put on in your local area every weekend. 

If you want to take it seriously then it’s a great place to try and set a new PB. On the other hand, it can be a great way to spend the morning with friends (at a leisurely pace) and then grab a coffee afterwards. 

If you’re looking for ways to get involved then check out @parkrunuk or @runthroughuk on instagram. You'll be able to check out when they are in your area! Alternatively, if you're feeling adventurous take a look at @toughmudder!



Or dare I say it… Ironman? Another fitness event that has gathered a lot of momentum over the past few years is the Ironman (which is essentially a super long Triathlon).

A triathlon tends to be a race made up of a Swim, Bike and Run. It’s great for those people who love to challenge themselves in different ways. 

Again, I find the Triathlon tends to favour people who enjoy learning the technical side of performance. As it involves 3 different forms of exercise there’s plenty for you to get stuck into. Alongside that, there’s plenty of ‘gear’ customisation you can do. Whether you like a particular type of running shoe, bike frame, helmet etc. you can really go to town.

If you want to get inspired on the daily, follow @ironmantri to see some epic races and locations… then maybe sign up for one yourself ;) ?


And there you have it, 4 different ways to get into fitness and absorb all of what the fitness community has to offer.

Good luck!